Our Services

We are a boutique financial advisory firm that works primarily with business owners and professionals, who amongst other things, aspire to a work-optional lifestyle. Our core competency involves the intuitive use of permanent life insurance options and tax-efficient investment opportunities in both the local and international markets.

However, because of our experience and expansive knowledge in the financial services industry we support our clients’ desire to deal with a trusted, reliable and reputable advisor and as a result, we also offer supplemental protection products through our Property and Casualty offerings.


Life & Pensions

This is the primary anchor of the services we provide, since there is a finite resource that the human life can provide. It all comes with a lease that has an uncertain end date.

The insurance industry has an advantageous position because it is the only industry to scientifically neutralize the risk of both sides of this human timeline; It delivers if one dies or gets disabled too soon, but it also delivers if one defies the other extreme and lives past a ripe old age of 100.

These types of protection can be developed within an individual portfolio as well as a corporate structure.

Keyman insurance

A specific use of a tradition life insurance solution that addresses the needs of leaders in an organization; those that have a direct and definable contribution to the company’s or partnership’s profitability

Personal Insurance

This covers a spectrum of areas;

Traditional Life Insurance

Payment of a sum for your loved ones in untimely death.

Critical Illness

This is a living benefit that pays a lump sum where a defined Critical Illness strikes.

Personal Accidental

Deals with more temporary losses of income because of illness or injury but can in fact replace income over ones lifetime where the reality is more permanent.

The primary purpose of the aforementioned is to provide income replacement for the different hazards that life presents.

Health Insurance

Its very well accepted that public health care locally, is often fraught with many inconveniences that may even be life threatening. Knowing that one can more freely choose their medical treatment and provider, allows for one layer of burden to be removed when dealing with a challenging medical condition. Let us help you chose the right type of protection based on your unique situation.

Property and Casualty

Partnered with the most financially strong, indigenous general insurance provider in the Caribbean, we offer a comprehensive suite of property and casualty products to take care of all those assets and possible liabilities that accompany its ownership.

Personal Home and Auto Insurance

Apart from business investments, the home and automobile are quite likely two of most valued assets one would acquire in their lifetime. This deserves to be properly protected from life’s unanticipated perils. Our firm can provide a promise of protection that will not fail to deliver once properly effected. Let us help you take care of these personal assets.

Commercial Offerings

Business activity, from the cottage level to the large corporate entities usually are a culmination of significant effort and evolution over time to be a viable entity. It not only reflects ones personal effort but that of many of its stakeholders; employees , customers and the wider community that benefits from a successful business endeavor and the services it provides.

We welcome you to discuss with us meaningful ways to protect your business from the forces that can disrupt or ultimately cease its profitable existence. We are well equipped to provide you with solutions in this area.

  • LIFE

    • These types of protection can be developed within an individual portfolio as well as a corporate structure.

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    • Let us help you chose the right type of protection based on your unique situation.

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Our Mission

We primarily exist to holistically improve our clients lives, by the provision of sound, ethical financial advice; to promote well being and mitigate disruption in challenging times, guided by our simple but profound core values.

Our Core Values

• Continuous Learning
• Service beyond Self


Born out of a relationship that started in 2002 with our Managing Director first being a member of staff of Guardian Life of the Caribbean, he then moved into advisory services in December of 2006. Four years later, we became an Incorporated Agency trading under our current name.

In January 2017 we deepened our relationship with the Guardian Group becoming an independent general insurance agency for Guardian General; serving the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima and providing a greater service deliverable to our clients scattered all across the country.

Who we are / Our Business

We are a youthful team of dedicated professionals guided by the insight of our founder, Mr. Gregg A.M. Mannette, who has more than sixteen (16) years experience in the insurance industry.

By serving those who strongly desire to get ahead financially, we bridge the gap from desire to implementation. We work diligently to ensure that all aspects of the client’s personal and business life is considered. Though the majority of our work is done with career professionals and business owners, we welcome anyone who evidently shows a desire for meaningful progress in their financial lives.

We operate with a clear simple process that addresses four fundamental aspects of human life

  1. Family - Concerns that are felt, though not always addressed, is essential for those who have or wish to have a family as a primary responsibility.
  2. Occupation - Consideration is given to how long this will be and how it can change.
  3. Money - Taking a now and later approach. “How much is enough? and “how long will it last”
  4. Leisure - We know that our clients also wish to enjoy the fruit of their work. So we look at ways to balance progress and pleasure

Where are we now?

Our firm above all recognizes the desire of our clients to be understood, and we are well positioned as a valuable resource for financial advice and direction. As a relatively young firm we stand as David did against Goliaths of our industry. We are small and young, but we operate with precision and purpose. We know the future is a very bright one and we stand ready to deliver on our brand promise - Service beyond self.

A mission of stewardship directs our client experience and we are closely guided by this philosophy. After 11 years of existence we are young enough to exhibit fervour and energy when attending to our clients needs, but only enough to discern what those needs are. We cherish the trust that our clients place in us in directing their financial well-being.

Whilst there is no crystal ball that we look in to see the future, we venture there with a sense of security purpose and anticipation because we LOVE what we do.

Interested in Joining us?

Seldom a desired career whilst a student, the financial advisory services industry provides a unique opportunity for the individual desirous of self-propelled growth to enjoy. Wrapped within a spirit of stewardship, this provides more than a job opportunity but rather a career that is well rewarded by a sense of deep civic purpose and the benefits that more directly reflect the efforts of the professional.

Who We Serve

Advisory Team

Our advisory team incorporates professionals who take a consultative approach in helping and protecting your valued investments while guiding successful financial planning.

Client Service / Administrative Team

Our client service team assists clients with their concerns and queries while giving information about services and processing returns in a timely manner.

Shanta Gajadhar

Communication & Marketing Administrator


Diana Ramlakhan

Customer Services Associate


What is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive policy covers loss of or damage to your vehicle by accident, fire and theft and liability to third parties for bodily injury & property damage.

What is Third Party Coverage?

Third Party policy covers any claims for accidental bodily injury to another person or for damage to their property as a result of negligence arising out of the use of your motor vehicle.

What is Third Party Fire & Theft?

In addition to Third Party coverage, if your vehicle is covered for Third Party Fire & Theft, there is payment for loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightening, burglary, housebreaking, theft or attempt theft.

What is Waiver of Excess?

Provided that the insured have made no claims, other than windshield claims, during the preceding three consecutive years that the insured were insured with the Company, they will waiver all applicable excesses.

What are Special Perils?

Special perils safeguard the insured against unforeseen contingency such as Fire, explosion, lightning, thunderbolt and subterranean fire, Earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami, Flood, Windstorm, hurricane and tornado, etc.


Contact information

We are in Arima and St. James.

  • (868) 230-2073
  • gammatrinidad@gmail.com
  • 29A Green Street, Arima.